HET324 Media Theory DVD and Compositing – Week 12

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This is the last blog I write before writing my reflection piece to go with my major assignment.

This week I’ve begun putting together the footage in Adobe Premiere, ensuring it sits at the 1 min 30 mark. I still need to record each band member discussing their thoughts about the tour. I will get reflective thoughts as well as opinions on what’s been the highlights and lowlights of the tour. I’m also interested in seeing how the tour has benefited the band in anyway. The two images below are screen shots of the my editing work in Adobe Premiere. The first image is the first half and the second image is the second half.






I’ve left around ten seconds near the beginning of the footage where i’ll be using two different animated elements. These elements are…

1.  Photoshop document: Within the document, each image has it’s own layer. When I import this file into Adobe After Effects, I want to animate each layer (image) so that in quick succession, each image will fly onto the screen from 0% opacity to 100%. All the images one by one will fit together in order to look as it does in the image below, however the images will be against a white background. I like the idea of black and white as the rest of the footage will be graded in colourful, softer tones. The use of black and white only in this instance, will quickly make a bold introductory statement. I feel this is effective as it quickly pin points which individuals the viewer is to focus on. The use of the band name three times will reinforce who the trailer is about and the design layout is modern to appeal to the target demographic. This will be accompanied by a voice over from me to introduce the trailer, with a quote about the band or a personal opinion.

2. Animated Australian East Coast Map: This will be very simple. I will be using three jpeg images (Imax tour van, plane and map of east coast australia). The map will be graded into a soft pink and the van and plane will remain white in order to stand out. The route will be black to also stand out.


Below is a youtube reference to my proposed idea:

My voice over will continue over from the photoshopped animation in order to describe where the tour will be heading and this animation will be beneficial to give viewers a visual understanding of the exact locations.









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