HET324 Media Theory DVD and Compositing – Week 11

In Uncategorized on October 28, 2011 at 12:53 am

Appologies for this post being a day late due. This was due to distractions with a show at The Forum and a big night that followed.

This week I’ve been uploading all my footage into Adobe Premiere and i’ve begun highlighting which sections of each scene i’ll be using for the trailer. At this stage I am yet to figure out how I am going to piece together the trailer as I still need elements such as voice overs to create the narrative, live performance footage and more soundcheck and footage of the band preparing before a show. I am going to film our set tonight at The Forum, an iconic venue in Melbourne.

 I believe this to be a pivitol scene to be attributed to the trailer considering the band Alpine is from Melbourne. To get the viewer caught up in the “journey” element of the trailer and have nowhere to go appears pointless. Yesterday, I realized need to change the concept of the trailer and use the build up to playing at The Forum Theatre on the tour as a stronger way to keep the viewer interested as there is more a means to an end. I feel this will help to also heighten the suspense and allure the viewer to join the band on their “journey” whilst on the tour in the lead up to their home town show in Melbourne.

I am still struggling to find the time to really tackle this assigment, however I am aiming to have all the footage I need by the end of this week. This should allow me to begin putting the footage I have together to create a basic idea to show for next Friday’s class. At this stage I am not very confident that I will have the after effects element applied to footage except for colour grading and maybe some titles. When putting the footage together, although it needs to be within the time frame of a minute and a half, I will need to also consider the time allowance for the animation and the photo montage. I have lots of footgae so cutting this down to a minute and a half is going to be really difficult, hopefully it will force me to

I am really excited to begin putting this trailer together. Considering the material has a personal tie to me, the trailer is something that I am keen to upload onto the band’s social networking sites for fans. It appears that visual elements that are uploaded onto social networking sites have a stronger impact becuase they offer more of an insight into the band than just text.  I am interested in also making the documentary to go with the trailer later in the year so to follow up on the trailer that is posted on the band’s social networking sites.


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