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HET324 Media Theory DVD and Compositing – Week 11

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Appologies for this post being a day late due. This was due to distractions with a show at The Forum and a big night that followed.

This week I’ve been uploading all my footage into Adobe Premiere and i’ve begun highlighting which sections of each scene i’ll be using for the trailer. At this stage I am yet to figure out how I am going to piece together the trailer as I still need elements such as voice overs to create the narrative, live performance footage and more soundcheck and footage of the band preparing before a show. I am going to film our set tonight at The Forum, an iconic venue in Melbourne.

 I believe this to be a pivitol scene to be attributed to the trailer considering the band Alpine is from Melbourne. To get the viewer caught up in the “journey” element of the trailer and have nowhere to go appears pointless. Yesterday, I realized need to change the concept of the trailer and use the build up to playing at The Forum Theatre on the tour as a stronger way to keep the viewer interested as there is more a means to an end. I feel this will help to also heighten the suspense and allure the viewer to join the band on their “journey” whilst on the tour in the lead up to their home town show in Melbourne.

I am still struggling to find the time to really tackle this assigment, however I am aiming to have all the footage I need by the end of this week. This should allow me to begin putting the footage I have together to create a basic idea to show for next Friday’s class. At this stage I am not very confident that I will have the after effects element applied to footage except for colour grading and maybe some titles. When putting the footage together, although it needs to be within the time frame of a minute and a half, I will need to also consider the time allowance for the animation and the photo montage. I have lots of footgae so cutting this down to a minute and a half is going to be really difficult, hopefully it will force me to

I am really excited to begin putting this trailer together. Considering the material has a personal tie to me, the trailer is something that I am keen to upload onto the band’s social networking sites for fans. It appears that visual elements that are uploaded onto social networking sites have a stronger impact becuase they offer more of an insight into the band than just text.  I am interested in also making the documentary to go with the trailer later in the year so to follow up on the trailer that is posted on the band’s social networking sites.


HET324 Media Theory DVD and Compositing – Week 10

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Opening for The Jezabels, Melbourne indie pop sextet ALPINE embark on one of the most talked about Australian tours of 2011. Seen through the eyes of co-lead vocalist Lou James, she offers a glimpse of ALPINE through their current experiences of this tour on the road as individuals, friends and performers.


  • Aim: To entice my audience into wanting to view the entire documentary (despite it having yet to be made). Overall, the trailer needs to ignite the audiences curiosity. The audience should want to know what the rest of documentary is about, why ALPINE are a band of interest, and why certain scenes have occurred in the teaser trailer.
  • Planning: In my planning stages I decided to create rough ‘block’ ideas for each section of the trailer. For example: 1) Arriving at rehearsal space. Morning. First day. 2) Loading gear into cab. 3) Driving to airport. 4) In aeroplane. 5) Loading gear into tour van. 6) Travelling to different destinations. On the road. 7) Setting up gear in different venues/soundchecks/vocal warm ups 8) Performances 9) Spontaneous fun 10) Meeting/getting to know other bands and crew on the tour. 11) Press/photoshoots. 12) Backstage 13) Any problems?
  • Camera Angles: I cannot plan what camera angles I will to use for this trailer. This is because the majority of the footage will be ‘in the spur of the moment’ footage. In addition, to enhance the realism, I will not be using a tripod. I like the idea of the trailer looking low fi because I believe it is the reminder that I play a part in the band and the documentary also. It will capture the realism of the trailer.
  • Special Effects: I intend to entertain audiences with a fast paced approach when editing this trailer together in order to evoke a fun, bright, dreamy youthful feel. This will be achieved by short edits of scenes and even a percentage increase to some footage. I will also be cutting up many of the scenes into multiple squares within the one scene. I hope that this effect will create a dramatic surge of energy at the end of the trailer.
         I will also use colour grading. The colours I will use are the colours used on our EP and social networking sites. They will be used as colour filters over the       footage. I hope that they will tie the trailer together and allow the trailer to stand out with it’s own flavour to other existing trailers.

  • Animation: A very short animation will be used to demonstrate where the tour will be taking place in Australia. To achieve this I will use to layers. The first layer will be a JPEG of the the east coast of Australia, including Tasmania. The second layer will be a cropped image of a tour van. The animation will show the van travelling to different cities.
  • Performers: All performances in the trailer will be naturalistic/realistic performances. Therefore no actors are being used. The people filmed will be those in the bands and myself. I will also be interviewing them in order to collect dialogue as narration layered over the top of the footage.
  • Lighting: The lighting used in the documentary trailer will be the natural light from the public places that are already established. The only use of artificial light will be the light used from the live performance shots. To create a modern feel, I will modify the brightness/contrast/curves/hue/saturation in order to give the footage more impact with a higher definition finished look.
  • Music: The music used will be ALPINE’s music. As I am in ALPINE this means that there will be no copyright infringement. I may also use remixes of some of our songs, however the choice of which songs I will use will not be decided until post production has been completed.
  • Rating: The M rating is recommended for people with a mature perspective but is not deemed too strong for younger viewers. Language is moderate in impact, allowing the use of words such as ‘fuck,’ but “aggressive or strong coarse language” should be infrequent. This is the highest unrestricted rating.

HET324 Media Theory DVD and Compositing – Week 09

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In this weeks lecture we looked at music videos. Being in a band myself, we already have two music videos that are on YouTube and have been played on Tv. I found the lecture really interesting because as a child, I grew up watching programs like Rage and Video Hits. I have always been drawn to the visual aspects of music because I loved to compare my interpretation of a song to a music directors. A song can never have one interpretation so I believe music videos are s great way of demonstrating this. When we’ve had directors pitch for videos for my band Alpine, it’s really important that the video is visually and creatively unique. This reflects that we are open to a director having a completely different interpretation and will hopefully mean that the outcome of the music video immediately draws the viewer into the world of the song from the beginning right until the end.

I also learnt that when the first music video station MTV was started, the very first music video to be played was ‘video killed the radio star’ by the Buggles. It was thought of being ironic as the first song played on MTV. It was the end of an decade of just listening to a song on the radio and the beginning of a new decade i the 80s where people could also appreciate the visual element of a song.

No longer are music videos just a means of visually developing on a musicians live performance like they did for bands such as Pink Floyd in the early days. To date music videos are a visual art form contained within a very short time frame ranging between 3 – 4 minutes.  To come up with a strong concept within such a short time frame is very hard to do, therefore there are now awards to recognize and credit this art form. There are some videos that are highly acclaimed. In the lecture we looked at a few music videos and specific famous directors including English director Chris Cunningham who directed videos for Aphex Twin ‘Come to Daddy’ and Bjork. Cunningham is famously recognized for his technique of realistically super imposing faces onto other people to usually provoke an element of fear and or to create videos that would ordinarily exist only in our dream state.
We also looked at French director Michel Gondry who directed videos for The Chemical Bothers ‘Star Guitar’ and Kylie Minogue ‘come into my world’. Gondry is famous for his cloning, masking technique within the one scene and cleverly using the repetition of images to correlate with the music.
For my major assignment, I have already begun filming the first leg of the tour with my band. Although, I have been filming extensive footage I have yet to get the ‘drama’ element, which I’m hoping to include. So far i’ve shot footage from the first day, to us driving to the airport, being on the road, soundchecks, performances and our days off. To date this is the 6th day of the tour and still have 4 more days to shoot until I begin editing the footage into Adobe Premiere. In the next four days I’m going to interview each individual member in order to get some voice overs to use as content and narration. I also want to film the other bands who are also playing on this tour including Hey Rosetta and The Jezabels. I’d like to get insight into them as people and as performers. If I can i’d also like to get some interviews with fans at the shows. The most annoying part is occasionally missing a ‘drama’ element because I haven’t been filming 24/7 whilst on this tour. I therefore feel that my trailer for this documentary may be a little different to my initial idea proposed in the pitch.

HET324 Media Theory DVD and Compositing – Week 08

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I’m really looking forward to the final Major assignment for this subject; not only because it is my last assignment but because i’m combining my bands up and coming tour experiences with The Jezabels to create a 1 min and 30 sec trailer for a fake documentary.


Alpine were signed in 2009, therefore as a young band i’m hoping that the trailer will look at the often over looked elements for a band starting out including how the experiences effects the members as individuals, friends and performers. I looked at three trailers for inspiration and to find the commonalities found in trailers in order to base mine around when it came to applying after effects.


All Tomorrow’s Parties

Live Forever: Rise and Fall of Brit Pop

Key elements i’ll be considering to apply to my own trailer will include:

  • Production Company Name
  • Review
  • To grab viewers attention (Exciting)
  • Draw viewers in (Make viewers want answers by creating intrigue)
  • Mood and Pace (Voice over/sound effects/music/images/colour grading/speed/camera angles)
  • Dialogue/Narration (Band members/fans/industry)
  • Text (translation/narration/review)
  • Different locations (cities/venues)
  • Short Animation (3-5sec)
  • Music (Alpine no copyright)
  • Audience demographic (16 and upwards)

The first step for my major assignment is to collect old Alpine footage and put it into it’s own folder. Last night I imported a lot of footage that I had shot in February for my bands EP launch tour. Having this footage will be important as it will allow me to have a “then and now” element to the trailer.  Tomorrow i’m collecting other footage that the other band members have also shot.

The second step is to begin filming new footage on tour which will begin this Saturday. During my time touring with Alpine i’m aiming to film and edit the footage together in Adobe Premiere. Realistically i’ll need to scale all the footage down to 5 minutes in order to give me flexibility in what will be the best footage to use and in what order it needs to appear within a 1 min and 30 seconds trailer.

The third step is to import the footage in Adobe After Effects. This is where i’ll be adjusting the colour grading to the footage (hue/saturation/curves/contrast/brightness) and where i’ll be creating the short animation. Within Adobe Illustrator i’ll be creating the Production Name frame and then importing the file into Adobe After Effects.